Monday, January 11, 2016


Good day everyone!

I am therefore discontinuing this blog to give way for a rewrite of the introductory arc of this writing project in another blog under a new title.

Please wait for further updates. Thank you everyone for giving some time to read my novel. It has been 3 years since the last time I wrote something. I think I have done enough research already, so I am now ready to show my work to the world and hopefully raise awareness of women's basketball.

As for people asking why women's basketball, it's because there are a lot of stories about men's basketball already. Also, the NBA right now is just all about who wins games, who scores the most, and who enters the highlight reel. Rarely do I see NBA games won by 6+ people scoring in double figures, what I see now are NBA games won by one guy scoring 50+ points.

Sure, women's ball doesn't have the same popularity and flair men's ball has (girls are soft, can't dunk, and are less skilled), but I love how they focus more on the fundamentals than showboating for the fans, although that remains to be seen until some certain changes (shorter rim, shorter 3-point line, uniform changes) take effect. 

tl;dr: Showtime basketball is useless if it can't win games and championships.

That's all, thank you.

Judas Martel signing off.

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